the Milky Way

Februar 21, 2017

A milkshake can be helpful in many occasions: as a monday morning treat, a midnight movie companion or a brisk sugar rocket at any time. Did you ever make poppyseed icecream? I put a fresh vanilla bean in mine and I keep the poppyseeds uncrushed, so they crack in your mouth. The dark chocolate sauce is thick and rich and tastes even better than the one on Mr. Ronalds McSunday. Sparkling eyes included on this delicious milky way !


(for a 1liter icecream container)
400 ml milk
200g cream
130g sugar
2 Tbsp Glucose
2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 vanilla bean
2 Tbsp poppyseeds

chocolate sauce
(makes about 400ml)
200ml cream
30g cacao unsweetened
150g milk chocolate
2g salt

and some extra milk for the shakes

For the poppyseed icecream, mix 350ml milk, cream, sugar, glucose and poppyseeds in a pan. Cut the vanilla bean open, scrape out the seeds and add both to the mixture.
In a small bowl, mix together cornstarch and the remaining 50ml of milk. When the mixture boils, whisk in the starch and let cook for about 10 seconds. Take the pan of the heat and place it in a sink filled with cold water, to allow the mixture to cool down.
Poor it in the container of your ice-cream machine and follow its instructions.
For the chocolate sauce, chop the milk chocolate. Bring cream, cocoa powder and salt to boil and take off the stove. Add chopped chocolate and stir until dissolved. Let cool at room temperature until the sauce is thick. Fill a glass (or several) with scoops of poppyseed icecream, poor over some fresh milk and drizzle with chocolate sauce.