Playing with sweet Food

for Patisserie Walter, November 15, 2017

Patisserie Walter in Kleinheubach of Udo und Uwe Walter is creating cutting-edge desserts of the highest quality. 
They work together with some of Germanys best patissiers, like Andy Vorbusch and Christian Hümbs
For their new catalogue, I was asked to play with their neat and tasty desserts. It was, as you can see, a messy pleasure to me. 

from top to bottom:

Twin Cake
Hibiscus  Joghurt  Cassis 

Hazelnut  Chocolate  Exotic Fruits 

vegan Raspberry-Flower-Cake

Wild Flowers 
Cream of Cashews

Hot Love
white Chocolate Mousse
hot Raspberry Sauce

and my „fail“ during the shooting


This is the catalogues cover and back. The food leftovers are covered with partial UV coating and shine wenn you turn it (thanks to Buero 3, Patisserie Walters longtime supervising creative agency, who managed to make their appearance outstanding over all this years).
The beautiful porcelain I used in the whole serie is made by Claudia Schmoemig.


left: Friandise: Blackberry, Apricot, Hazelnut
and another fail during the shot
right: Bee Sting Cake, Mango Sorbet, Saffron Kumquats, Brittle 
and the set up for the shooting
bottom: Apricot Donut, Portwine Cherries 

left: Fingerfood Cubes 
middle: „Forest“ by Christian Hümbs: Sea-Buckthorn, Apple, Needle Beam
right: Spruce Sorbet