le Moissonnier

for VOGUE Germany, April 11, 2018

I shot a story about the 2 star restaurant `Le Moissonnier` in Cologne for Vogue Germany.
 This is Liliane and Vincent Moissonnier in front of their little restaurant in  Krefelder Strasse. Styled like a cosy and charming French Brasserie, you would´t expect 2 stars hiding behind those curtains.
The restaurant was established by the young and freshly married Moissonniers in 1987, only a little time before head chef Eric Menchon joined the team. 



le menue 
each course is comprised of 3 dishes, accompanied by a little card explaining the ingredients and components 



Chef Eric Menchon



Monsieur Menchon, chef Cuisinier of the two star Restaurant. He grew up in the South of France but his parents used to live in Morocco, an influence that you can obviously taste in his dishes. He runs the kitchen of `Le Moissonnier` with his beautiful wife, Patricia Menchon. 




grilled pigeon breast with bbq flavors,
fois gras, falafel with lemon salt and tarragon pesto




chinese cabbage,
braised in soy and capers



Scrambled Egg Mousse with Seaurchin Cream
Coquilles St. Jacques from Prot-en-Bessin



dried Mousse au Chocolat with Peanut Nougatine,
Caramal Ganache and  Salty Ice-cream 


Maître and Sommelier Monsieur Vincent Moissonnier


Client: Vogue Germany 
Art DirectionAlexandra Kolb