Januar 1, 2011

A small part of what I learnt and produced during my wonderful „apprentissage de pâtisserie“ in Paris at École Superieure de Cuisine Francaise Ferrandi. It was a hard but wonderful year and I still think about it all the time. I made hundreds of those pictures, they helped me remember workflows and cooking techniques (and also  the ugly shoes we had to wear).

petits tartes aux chocolat


Couronne de l´Avent



practicing chocolate writing (still a lot needed)


Mousse au Chocolat Cake


Preparing a Forêt Noir


Feuille d´automne


Chocolate Macarons


tempering chocolate


petites eclairs au chocolat




Macarons Pistache Cannelle


making a Giverny


lemon cream


mini Tartes aux Citrons