Juicy Sour Lemon Cake

August 1, 2012

Sauer macht lustig und Zitronenkuchen glücklich… schmeckt er saftig, dezent süss und richtig schön sauer, macht er lustigerweise ganz besonders glücklich.

Lemon Cake

with candied lemon slices


for the cake base
2 untreated lemons
3 eggs
250g of sugar
100g of crème fraîche
200g of flour
1 teaspoon/ 5g of baking powder
75g of melted butter
50g of water

for the candied lemons
3 untreated lemons
300ml of water
200g of sugar


Grate the peel of the lemons, press out the juice and put aside.
Whisk the eggs and the 200g of sugar with the electric hand mixer at highest level until frothy and you obtain a thick, whitish mixture.
Add and blend crème fraîche and grated lemon and gradually flour and baking powder. Finally add the melted butter and mix/ blend.
Bake in a buttered pan at 180°C top- and bottom heat for about 50 to 60 minutes. Allow to cool after baking and cut off the top with a grooved knife.
Boil the remaining 50g of sugar and 50g of water, mix with the lemon juice and soak the cake with the liquid.
For the candied lemons bring to boil 300ml of water in a big pot.
Cut the lemons into 5mm thick slices and simmer in the water for 5 minutes. They should not overlay each other.
Take out with a ladle and let drip on a kitchen cloth. Put the sugar into the boiling water, boil up, then lower the temperature.
Put the lemons back into the pot and simmer until only very little of the liquid is left and foams heavily. Let the lemon slices cool on baking paper and decorate the cake with them. Drip with the remaining syrup.